Sunday, October 5, 2008


About 35 years ago I decided to enter the world of coaching football. During that time many people (too many to even attempt to list) have helped me in my growth as a coach. Without all those people and all their efforts (sometimes resisted by a very stubborn and often stupid young coach.) I never would have had any success. They stayed with me through my mistakes, guided, pushed, and cajoled me until I had the skills that enabled success.

This blog is an effort to give back what was given to me. I feel along the way I was fortunate to have been handed the keys to the kingdom. This is not to give the premise in any way that I know everything or the way listed here is the only way. The keys that were given to me were a great appreciation for those that went before me, a great thirst for the knowledge associated with this game, and a thorough understanding of the ingredients that led to success in this great profession. Based on that, I wanted an avenue to pass those ideas on. Thus grew this blog.

In this blog will discuss many aspects of coaching, ranging from the technical, to the inspirational, to the mechanical, to the moral dilemmas facing the coaching profession. Much of the information given here is not mine and mine alone but rather a library of collected thoughts gathered from many of the great minds I have had the pleasure of being associated with.

Although my main love now is option football and we will concentrate in that area, I will not limit the entries to this topic. Rather, we will include many of the peripheral subjects that are instrumental to having a successful program and team. Items that maybe are overlooked by many technical sites but make the experience of playing and coaching football what it is today - the greatest sporting experience in America.

We'll also have some fun with lists (such as the one for the best technical books I've read currently in the margin.) myths about coaching, "war stories" with a meaning, a just some plain rants at times.

Please take this site for exactly what it is - an effort to give back to a game that has absorbed and filled most of my adult life - and understand that at no time is it meant to infer that the author knows everything or is complete in his learning.

My only hope is that you get out of it what a young coach, disgruntled at the content of an attended clinic, learned many years ago "If you get just one idea, one thought, or even if it just reinforces what you believe in, then it was a good clinic."

I look forward for input and welcome you to the site.

Please stop back often. (or subscribe) My goal is to write at least one major entry each week. The list, myths, quotes, etc. will be an ongoing process so please check them often for upgardes.

I will continue to grow this site and attempt to make it a great place to exchange ideas.

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Coach Moose said...

I've had the distinguished honor of working under Coach I & we have, in fact, become good friends. He is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I have ever met. My affiliation with Coach I has opened doors for me & in large part I owe my current position as a defensive coordinator to him & to the things I learned while working under him. Coach Moose