Thursday, November 6, 2008

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jgordon0508 said...

I would love to see this blog talk about other defenses besides a variations of the forty

The Triple Option Spot said...

I get to other things as they come along. Hang in there. They'll be covered

hornetcoach said...

What is the best way to teach the WR stalk block in high school? Also, how do you deal with a press corner that is playing the pitch? It is a tough block for the A-Back and hard for the WR to hold long enough without losing the man or holding him.

The Triple Option Spot said...


Sorry for the delay!

First you should never be stalking a hard corner except when you want to. (by scheme) If you do the Wr should stretch his split to create a natural lane and his first movement should be inside. (make him beat you outside) Against press he should gain no ground but stay parralel and wash his inside move down. If he goes outside - just steer him deep into the backfield.

If you are arcing the corner with the Hb, again widen your split. The hb arc should be a stright line for his inside shoulder (akin to a trap) Spped is the keey as you want to keep the "lane" as big as possible.

If the HB is too tough - have the wr chip hi,m to take an edge off before the arc.

I am assuming you are talking 2 deep. If you notice - no college team would dare play the option in two deep because of lack of support. (Corner is out of play by width)

If youwere talking about press manor man free - you should either be running off the player or cracking the free - taking two for one.

Another answer is to load the option. In 2 deep there is no alley player for the QB. To play the load properly - you need a defender inside and outside the load!