Friday, October 21, 2011

Back from the depths - FINALLY

Well, I 've finally got back to posting. I should be up a little more regularly now. Hopefully the next article will be soon and will be technical in nature.

As most of you know I was fuoughed in a massive teacher layoff in PA. (riffed to some.)
(I succumbed to giving up security to the promise of administrators hunting a coach! Go ahead and say it "So you believed that!!" LOL Funny thing is I blame nobody. I made the decision to go there.)

Anyway, I needed to take some time off to figure out what I was going to do - guess what the answer hasn't changed - COACH FOOTBALL! So if any of you hear of any open head jobs in high school or college assistant jobs please let me know. If right I will move. (Yeah, I know - so you're going to trust administrators AGAIN!" But if we give up trust totally, why be in this profession.)

It is amazing what you think about when unemployed. But a little introspection is good. I hope to write some of those thoughts in future articles.

Enjoy the new article below. I hope to hear from you as you are my connection to my true bliss - coaching football!

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