Friday, April 6, 2012

Error in Dvd post

There was an error in the DVD post -

The contact email should read

To all those that contacted me I will have the flyers out today. Sorry for the Delay but I wanted to get copies in stock before I started to take monies.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New DvDs available

Recently I gave a one day one man clinic in NY as a consultant. The session lasted about 7 hours (minus lunch) and was taped on 3 dvds.

I am now offering all 3 dvds to the public for 50.00 (remember its between 5 and 6 hours of clinic. Normally you pay between 29 to 49 for a dvd less then an hour.

I let the coaches that I am consulting for pick the topics

What we went over that day were
QB recognition (all flanks) and checking
All our triple packages
All our midline packages
Play action protection
attacking the 3-3 and the double eagle 5-3
some of our double option packages
training the quarterback to read (practice organization)
using the fox tag
getting into and out of all formations
offensive line technique (base and for triple)
there were some other questions thrown in that were answered along the way

As I said this is the raw footage. It is exactly what we do (except I use our old tag words - and they are just that words. you can all it apples if you like. I am sure you can understand why I used our old audible tags) there may also be a few explitives and some inside jokes as I knew some of the people present for years.

If you are interested contact me for a flyer @

This will be a limited time offer as I expect to cut the clinic into a series of training tapes and sell them individually. When my current stock is gone (about 25 copies) the offer is done.

Combo pack QB manual and DVDs $70 ($80 value)

Also we ask that if you buy this you do not share the conent online or with other staffs as it is my professional work.