Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Haven't been on for a while

Yes, I haven't posted for a while but I'm ready to get stated again. Truth is, it was a real strange and bad Spring. You ever have one of those years - from the Holy Spirit situation to not getting a job to major shoulder surgery to moving back to my condo in Pa and now to a serious family situation! You couldn't script this year but I'm ready to come back and post. To keep myself involved in the game I love.

Some of the time I took was to refresh and contemplate my future. I can say assuredly I have never missed coaching more. Perhaps it was the way I went out. Not only how it happened to me but also how I handled the last year knowing it was going to happen.

We can never protect the future but one thing I know for sure is I intend to coach again.

So I plan on starting up the articles again - hopefully this weekend. (part two of the combo block) and also finish the book on the triple I've said I was going to finish numerous times ago! (No excuses now!)