Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Getting the running quarterback to the edge. Part 1 2x2

There are times when you have a great running quarterback and you just want to get him to the edge and load the option. Optioning support can get a great running quarterback in the seam, confusing option responsibilities, forcing alley players to play a responsibility they think is taken by another player, and foiling a game plan that puts the ball in the fullback's hands and then either takes it away by numbers or by superior personnel.

First lets start with our two by two formation. We will start the idea with our zone scheme although we have some adjustments to make. Additionally, we will cut our splits to facilitate zone blocking. (T/G move to 2 feet)

It is important that we set the edge / set a corner otherwise the play turns into a foot race and we are running nothing more then outside zone with our quarterback. We want the edge and will create this with either a chip or leverage scheme.You cannot let the defense dictate the option choices to you. You cannot let the defense get in a comfortable dive quarterback pitch rhythm.  You cannot let the defense take your better athletes out of the scheme!

It is important to note that the QB works off the line to avoid any garbage and gets to the perimeter and upfield as fast as he can. (We estimate a yard to a yard and a half.)

Vs. a reduced front

Vs our reduced front, we will run our Chip scheme with the qb reversing and the HB chipping.  We tell the HB to chip to the playside to backside linerbacker. If you get the front one good but the full back will make you right.  (see fig 1)

Vs. a 4-3 defense

fig 2

Vs. A 4-3 defense we will load with the Fullback on #2. He has him inside and outside the chip scheme The blocking reverts to triple from the guard back (Although in certain years we have still zoned it.  (see fig 2)

With the fullback loading, the HB and tackle know that vs. a walked up echo they will gap it, allowing the Fullback to wrap to the Mike. (fig 3)

vs. 5-2

We don't like this scheme vs. a 5-2 and will often check out of it but if we did, we would get into our HB load scheme.  (We normally don't like to load with a HB so personal mismatches become a priority. we would rather do it from other formations we will explain later) (fig 4)

Because all 5-2 teams vs the flexbone will have their tackles B - gap conscious, we do not worry about setting the edge. The power scoop between the guard and tackle should handle this.

The Fullback will aim at the but of the wing and find his entry point: inside or outside the load with the qb usually tucking /wrapping behind him.

The key coaching point is for the tackle not to overstep and allow the OLB underneath. We actually step with our inside foot first then try and get back to the outside number

Vs. 4-3 #2 ups

Fig 5

Vs. a 4-3 and #2 ups, we will run our HB load with our zone scheme exactly like the 5-2.  The important aspect is that the teams that usually do this will crash #2 at the QB. We feel this is an easy block as long as the hb steps with his near foot and the quarterback approaches from off the line to clear any garbage. (fig. 5)

An important note on all these options is that since there is no threat of the quarterback encountering a pitch key in his face he can reverse (roll) out. allowing him width and depth to get on the flank faster. Also on the chip schemes the QB should work up the field as fast as possible. Setting the edge forces the alley quicker or the pitch man must come to you.

Next up Loading it with the WR from the flex.


Kevin said...

Coach, in figures 1 and 2, is the HB just looking to get a quick shot on the DE with his inside arm before going to the LB?

In figures 4 and 5, if that OLB is maintaining outside leverage on that HB, do you move away from this scheme and go back to triple?


Kevin said...

Coach, in Figures 1 and 2, is the HB just getting a quick shot on the DE with his inside arm before going to the LB? What type of steps does he take?

In figures 4 and 5, if that OLB is maintaining outside leverage on the HB, do you go away from this scheme and go back to triple option?